Research Opportunities

We are constantly looking for highly motivated and bright people to join the lab! Look below for funded positions, sources of funding or send us your spontaneous application.

To apply, email frederick (point) gosselin (at) polymtl (point) ca and make sure you include:

Funded positions

No position is available at the moment.

Funding opportunities

NSERC and FRQNT graduate scholarships

All Canadian students interested in graduate studies should apply for NSERC graduate scholarships and FRQNT graduate scholarships. The deadline for both these programs is early in the fall (September – October). Interested students should contact a potential supervisor as early as possible to prepare a winning application. Ideally, contact me in the summer.

CSC and Quebec-China graduate scholarships

The Chinese Scholarship Council as well as the FRQNT offer scholarships to Chinese students who want to complete a thesis at Polytechnique. For the CSC, the deadline is early in January. If you want to apply for a CSC, contact me in November to have time to put together a winning application. CSC also handles the application for the Quebec-China scholarships. More information about CSC is available here. For more information concerning the FRQNT Quebec-China scholarship, click here.

MITACS Globalink undegrad summer research internships

For undergraduate students wanting to do a summer research internship, the MITACS Globalink program offers attractive bursaries. Our lab proposes many research projects every year. In the past we welcomed students from ITESM in Mexico, and MNNIT in India.

Graduate and Undergraduate research internship funded by Polytechnique

Polytechnique has agreements with many universities throughout the world. Every semester, students enrolled at partner universities come to Polytechnique to perform a research internship with funding from Polytechnique. Through this program, we have welcomed students from IIT in India, NTU in Singapore, RMIT in Australia. Interested students should check with the international relations office or the student exchange office of their university. Polytechnique has agreements with many institutions in South Korea, China, Taiwan, UK, India, Australia and others, as well as UBC and University of Alberta in Canada.

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Scholarships for Canadians

Scholarships for non Canadians