Papers under review

  1. Rishmawi,S., Rodriguez, S., Chinesta, F., Gosselin, F.P. “Harmonic-Modal Hybrid Frequency Approach for Parameterized Non-linear Dynamics” under review.
  2. Berthet, L., Blais, P., Nennemann, B., Monette, C., Gosselin, F.P. “Mode Split Prediction for Rotating Disks with Flexible Stator Coupling” under review
  3. Lamoureux, D., Audefroy, C., Tazi-Labzour, O., Houde, S., Gosselin, F.P. “Evaluating Flow-Added Damping on a Hydrofoil by Combining Vibro-Acoustics and Doublet-Lattice Panel Analyses” under review.
  4. Sushitskii V., Dubois P.O., Miao H. Y., Lévesque M., Gosselin, F.P. “Simulation and automation of aluminium panel shot peen forming” engrXiv Preprint
  5. Sushitskii V., Miao H. Y., Lévesque M., Gosselin, F.P. “Segmentation of shot peening patterns using k-means clustering” Under review. engrXiv Preprint

Peer Reviewed Papers

  1. Boukor, M., Choimet, A., Laurendeau, E., Gosselin, F.P. “Flutter Limitation of Drag Reduction by Elastic Reconfiguration” Accepted for publication in Physics of Fluids, arXiv Preprint.
  2. Villié, A., Vanzulli Pena, M., Pérez Zerpa, J.M., Vétel, J., Etienne, S., Gosselin F.P. “Modelling vortex-induced vibrations of branched structures by coupling a 3D-corotational frame finite element formulation with wake-oscillatorsJournal of Fluids and Structures, Volume 125, 104074, 2024, engrXiv Preprint
  3. Bidhendi A.J., Lampron O., Gosselin F.P., Geitmann A. “Microscale geometrical features in the plant leaf epidermis confer enhanced resistance to mechanical failureNature Communications, 2023, 14, 8275 bioRxiv Preprint
  4. Demenois M., Miao H.Y., Gosselin F.P., “Easy to Build, Modular and Large Scale Pipe Conveying Fluid Experimental SetupHardwareX, e00460, 2023, Open Access, Preprint
  5. Miao H.Y., Lévesque, M., Gosselin, F.P. “Eigenstrain-based analysis of why uniformly shot peened aluminium plates bend more in the rolling directionStrain, 2023, engrXiv Preprint
  6. Sushitskii V., van Rees, W.M., Lévesque M., Gosselin, F.P. “Determination of optimal shot peen forming patterns using the theory of non-Euclidean platesJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, MANU-21-1503, 2023, arXiv Preprint
  7. Selwanis M., Rosa Franzini G., Béguin C., Gosselin F.P. “How a ball free to orbit in a circular track mitigates the galloping of a square prismNonlinear Dynamics, 2022, Preprint
  8. Siguerdidjane W., Khameneifar F., Gosselin F.P. “Closed-loop shot peen forming with in-process measurement and optimizationCIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, 2022, 38, pp 500-508. Preprint on Researchgate
  9. Raynaud G., Houde S., Gosselin F.P. “ModalPINN: an extension of Physics-Informed Neural Networks with enforced truncated Fourier decomposition for periodic flow reconstruction using a limited number of imperfect sensorsJournal of Computational Physics, 2022, 464, 111271, arXiv Preprint
  10. Siguerdidjane W., Khameneifar F., Gosselin F.P. “A low-cost open-source automated shot peen forming systemHardwareX, 2022, e00263. Open Access
  11. Selwanis M., Rosa Franzini G., Béguin C., Gosselin F.P. “Multiple balls rotating in a circular track experimentally mitigate the galloping of a square prismJournal of Sound and Vibration, 2022, 116744.
  12. Miao H.Y., Lévesque, M., Gosselin, F.P. “Shot peen forming pattern optimization to achieve cylindrical and saddle target shapes: the inverse problemCIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, 2022, 36, pp67-77. engrXiv Preprint
  13. Bonnet, B., Tabiai, I., Rakovich G., Gosselin, F.P., Villemure, I. “Air leaks: stapling affects porcine lungs biomechanicsJournal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2022, 125, 104883. bioRxiv Preprint
    Additional data on Zenodo
  14. Faucheux P., Miao H.Y., Lévesque, M., Gosselin, F.P. “Peen forming and stress peen forming of rectangular 2024-T3 aluminum sheets: curvatures, natural curvatures, and residual stressesStrain, 2022, e12405. engrXiv Preprint
  15. Boudina, M., Gosselin, F.P., Étienne, S. “Vortex-induced vibrations: a soft coral feeding strategy?Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2021, 916, A50. arXiv Preprint, Code available on Github
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  17. Selwanis, M., Rosa Franzini, G., Béguin, C., Gosselin, F.P. “Wind tunnel demonstration of galloping mitigation with a purely nonlinear energy sinkJournal of Fluids and Structures., 2021, 100, 103169   engrXiv Preprint
  18. Boudina, M., Gosselin, F.P., Étienne, S. “Direct interception or inertial impaction? A theoretical derivation of the efficiency power law for a simple and practical definition of capture modesPhysics of Fluids, 2020, 32, 123603 arXiv Preprint, Code available on Github
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PhD Thesis (in french)

F. Gosselin “Mécanismes d’interactions fluide-structure entre écoulements et végétation” École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, 2009.